Permanent cosmetics in Glasgow

Are you looking for high quality permanent or semi-permanent cosmetics? The micropigmentation treatments provided by the team at The Aesthetics Lounge can provide a lasting solution to ensuring you always look your best. Contact us for more information. 

What is semi-permanent makeup/permanent cosmetics ( SPMU)

It is the ultimate convenience of soft colour enhancement to enhance facial features. It can also be applied medically to recreate areola and to help camouflage scars 

There are several terms used to describe semi- permanent makeup, including micropigmentation, microblading, SPMU, and permanent makeup. However you choose to describe it, it is the process of applying micro insertions of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin using a specially designed digital machine controlled by a sterile probe, or a sterile handtool.

It is less traumatic to the skin than a conventional tattoo, and is not implanted as deep. It also fades over time allowing you to change your look. How long it remains visible is determined by your skin and lifestyle. Colour refreshes are required, normally annually. 

We are keen to remind clients that it does not replace day to day makeup, but it does enhance your natural features, meaning makeup application is minimal, and holidays and no makeup days are less stressful!
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Beauty treatment

Our beauty treatments include:

  • Semi-permanent brows
  • Microblading
  • Semi-permanent lip blush
  • Lip tattoos
  • Semi-permanent lip liner
  • Facial line softening

Professional cosmetic treatments for you

From tattooing your brows to applying semi-permanent eyeliner, our team can take care of all of your permanent and semi-permanent beauty requirements. Whether you need scheduled sessions or one-off treatments, you can approach us for bespoke packages. We also offer dermal fillers. Based in Glasgow we are ideally located for clients in Bearsden, Milngavie, Anniesland, Clydebank, Dumbarton, Balloch, Stirling, Oban, Motherwell, Bellshill, Coatbridge, Anniesland and Partick, in Scotland. 


Various techniques can be used to enhance the eyebrow area and clients have this treatment for a number of reasons, including;
  • Frames the face and enhances the eye area
  • Gives eyebrows to people who have none or little for example those who have alopecia, or have had chemotherapy
  • Saves time drawing on eyebrows
  • Lifting and anti-aging effects
  • Adjusts imperfections e.g. thickness, length, shape
Susie is trained in hairstroke, powder brow, combination and ombre brows. Contact us today for permanent and semi-permanent brows.


Some clients want a subtle eyeliner tattoo while others require a more dramatic look. We can even add a subtle dotted effect to make it look simply as though you have an enhanced lash line. 

And yes, we can cater for those clients who want that all important “ flick” that drives them nuts trying to draw.  


lip line
Whether you want a subtle lip line, a lip line with subtle shading, or a full lip colour, we can cater for you. Lips that are uneven can be balanced. We offer the following lip treatments;
  • Lip tattoo
  • Semi-permanent lip liner
  • Semi-permanent lip blush
Please speak to us in advance if you suffer from cold sores.  


Face structure
Susie is regularly approached to “ correct” other technicians' work. Sometimes very little needs to be done, and the original artist should be able to amend the brow or liner.

However there are cases where Susie is able to remove and or correct the previous treatment. Clients should bear in mind that this kind of work is far more complex and is potentially more expensive. There are no quick fixes, so please make sure you spend time choosing your artist in the first place. Do ask for pictures of previous work, do ask for training and insurance certificates. 

Please note that if you have conventional tattoo on your brow area, this will need to be removed by laser before we can consider treating you. 

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